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Shipping cars around the world

Van Uden Shipping is wide known as an expert in car shipping. We take of the transport of a wide range of cars around the world on a weekly basis.

We work for both international trading companies and private clients. From one car to big quantities, we make sure your vehicle will arrive safely at its destination.


Van Uden, has designed and developed an innovative container frame for multimodal transport of cars, the Vucaframe. Compatible with the 40ft container infrastructure, this patented design enables the operator to transporting two carframes at once by road using a standard container chassis.

This efficient solution for distributing (new) cars from factory to customer provides lower logistic costs, a reduction of handling and damage to or theft of the vehicles. Each frame is able to transport 2, 3 or 4 cars making it suitable for both low and high volume distribution. By using special high-strength steel a high durability and a long life has been achieved.

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Shipping cars around the world

With Roll on-Roll off (Ro / Ro) shipments, your car is transported on a ship, which is specifically intended for shipping vehicles. This method of shipping is often used by manufacturers and importers for large batches of new cars, but is also possible for a few cars for both individuals and companies.



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.When you ship a car or other vehicle with our RoRo ships you have to deal with a number of limitations and conditions:

• Only available for specific routes

• You can not transport any items in the car

• Cars must be completely clean

• Cars must be in a moving condition.

If Ro-Ro is not an option because of the ports or the state of your car, Van Uden Shipping also offers container shipments - in many cases cheaper and more possibilities.

Recent projects

Cars to Mombasa

Today is a good day! We shipped many cars from Rotterdam to Mombasa.

This red beauty found a new boss

On a daily basis we are welcoming the most exotic vehicles! Today this red Ferrari arrived a the port of loading!

Black & white go well together!

Today we are proud to ship this remarkable black & white Rolls Royce! What do you think? 


On a weekly basis we ship cargo to the most important international ports. For any specific inquiries please contact us.

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