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Project cargo

When necessary we also draw up special shipping proposals upon request.


Our team transports cargo internationally without any limitation on weight or volume. Most of these projects handle goods and products from the energy sector, such as generators, turbines, reactors, boilers, towers, cranes, heaters, presses, locomotives, concrete plants, boats, satellites, military equipment, containerized housing units, all kinds of vehicles, large pipes and construction equipment.

Project management

No limitations, we ship it for you!

The experienced team of Van Uden Shipping in our Dry Bulk Cargo, Heavy Cargo and Projects department can ship projects from any location in the world to any other destination.

Our staff generates special solutions for overland transport and port operations, conducts customs clearance proce dures and obtains special permits, and then closely plans, implements and supervises the whole process.


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Van Uden Shipping is specialized in the shipment of luxury yachts. Through our highly skilled and experienced yacht transportation management team, both on shore and aboard our ships, we are dedicated to providing our clients with safe, efficient, and reliable boat shipping and yacht shipping solutions.


Recent projects

Military vehicles ready to be loaded

Military cargo for defense ready to be loaded in Le Havre for the Glovis Comet to Kuwait. To make the World a safer place!

Shipping cranes to Middle East

We shipped this big boy from Rotterdam to the Middle East. Size doesn't matter, we ship it for you!  

Tubes to Africa

For a big construction plant in the east of Africa we shipped these big tubes.



On a weekly basis we ship cargo to the following ports. For any specific inquiries please contact us.

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